The NonSequitur Show

“Mad Mike” Hughes

Special guest

In 2016 Hughes launched a failed fundraising attempt for a rocket that earned only $310. After converting to believe in a flat Earth later that year, Hughes gained support of the flat-Earth community. His post-flat-Earth fundraising campaign made its $7,875 goal. He intends to make multiple rocket journeys, culminating in a flight to outer space, where he believes he will be able to take a picture of the entire Earth as a flat disk. He claimed in November 2017 that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had given him verbal permission more than a year ago to launch his rocket, pending approval from the Federal Aviation Administration; however, a BLM spokesman said its local field office had no record of speaking to Hughes at the time. According to the BLM, after seeing some news articles about the planned launch, a BLM representative reached out to Hughes with concerns. The rocket launch was originally scheduled for the weekend of 25 November 2017; Hughes then rescheduled for 2 December, blaming ongoing difficulties in obtaining permissions. Hughes moved his launch pad four miles so that he will take off and lands on private property; however, the BLM maintains he still needs to fill out permits. Hughes defiantly stated the dispute would not stop him flying: "I'm a daredevil. I'm not much for authority or rules." The untested initial rocket is intended to reach a speed of 500 mph; further rocket trips, to be launched from a balloon 20 miles up, are intended to reach above the atmosphere into outer space. Hughes acknowledged there are risks, telling the Associated Press: "It's scary as hell. But none of us are getting out of this world alive." A fundraising campaign to cover the costs of the delay raised only around 100 of its 10,000 USD goal. On 3 February 2018 Hughes live-streamed another attempted to launch in front of spectators, but the rocket failed to ignite.

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