The NonSequitur Show

Pamela Whissel

Special guest

Pamela Whissel has been editor-in-chief of** American Atheist magazine**

since 2011. Her M.A. is from the University of Cincinnati and her B.A. is

from the University of Dayton. Prior to coming to American Atheists, she

was a local news anchor for a National Public Radio affiliate in Kentucky,

a television news writer for the CBS station in Cincinnati, and an announcer

for Cincinnati’s public television pledge drives.

Under her direction, the magazine made publishing history when it went

from a subscription-only publication to one that is sold in bookstores

throughout the US and Canada. In doing so,** American Atheist has become

the first periodical in US history to appear on newsstands with the word

“atheist” in the title**. In addition, Pamela oversees membership programs

and the growth of American Atheists’ member support network.

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