The NonSequitur Show

Kaitlyn Chloe

Co-Host of The NonSequitur Show

Kaitlyn Chloe (KC) is the second half of IDEA💡LOGY, as well as the Godless Engineer team. She spent a few years behind the scenes, helping manage the Facebook page and various charity streams on the Godless Engineer YouTube channel, but within the past couple of years has taken on a more active role for the GE brand. In January 2017, she and John (the Godless Engineer) started the Daily Bible Podcast, in which they read through the bible and commentate, using a rational and humorous approach to explain why it doesn’t make sense. This year KC has really dived into a new life of activism. She started her own video series on the Godless Engineer YouTube channel called KC’s Corner, became the Director of Event Planning for Faithless Forum, and became co-host on NonSequitur’s newest show IDEAology. KC has spoken at Faithless Forum in Dallas and attended atheist events around the country including Reason Rally (in Washington D.C.), MythCon (in Milwaukee), and NaNoCon (in Nashville). She also participated in and was interviewed on David Smalley’s Dogma Debate 24-hour Charity Podcastathon in 2017 and has participated in/helped produce other charity streams with Bible Reloaded, Genetically Modified Skeptic, Matt Dillahunty, Allie Jackson (President of Atheist Republic), Cosmic Skeptic, Poisoning the Well, Paulogia, and many other YouTubers and atheist activists. KC is driven by the negative impacts from religion on society that she sees everyday around her. She is pretty much a fish out of water, living in Alabama…a progressive liberal and an atheist, in a sea of extremely conservative, religious, nationalistic people. Through managing the GE Facebook page, she has received endless messages from people suffering on behalf of religion and she is determined to help as many people as she can with the ultimate goal of loosening religion’s grip on our society. Although Godless Engineer activities keep her pretty busy, it is a hobby in an otherwise pretty full life. KC is a change management analyst for the DoD and is currently working on earning her Master’s degree in systems engineering from George Washington University. No matter where her life takes her, she has a passion for activism and is committed to always standing up and using her voice for good.

Kaitlyn Chloe has hosted 13 Episodes.