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Kyle Curtis

Co-Host of The NonSequitur Show


Don’t Let the Accent Fool You...

Creativity became my way of life early on, as being a “fabulous” fella in rural NC kept me busy playing a convincing role. After high school, I attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I focused more on performing in the area’s Stand-Up Comedy scene each week than I did studying. My BAC was arguably higher than my GPA when I graduated. Armed with 4.5 years of Higher Education and liberal endocrination, I set out to use that degree to its fullest putting it in a $20.00 frame and pursuing a career I could have started in middle school...becoming an executive chef.

I’ve never been cautious, never had a plan, and never grounded myself in one lane. College wasn’t about expanding my knowledge on why an x+y=$/5*@+3... it was about the experience. As a comedian, transforming a thought into a joke and building laughter was engineering. As a chef, being able to craft a dish balanced in beauty and flavor was both art and chemistry. This podcast is for those like me, who hardly ever weighs the risk, is impulsively impulsive and is just fine with the idea of never finding what they’re looking for. After all, the thrill of the hunt was probably what it was the entire time...

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