The NonSequitur Show

Steve McRae

Co-Host of The NonSequitur Show

Steve McRae is a graduate of Naval Nuclear Power School and Knoll's Atomic Power Labs. He served 3 tours in the Gulf War with the United States Navy receiving an honorable discharge after 6 completed years of duty, 3 WESTPAC tours, and was award the Armed Services Expeditionary Medal and Southeast Asia medal. He is the owner of the Great Debate Community on G+/YT which is a group of both experts and layperson who in live hangouts and real time discuss various subjects relating to science, theology, and philosophy. His channel on YouTube has been the host channel for many well known debates such as Kent Hovind vs King Crocoduck and Kent Hovind vs Bill Ludlow, as well many other amazing guests such as Dr. Hugh ross, Dr. Fazale Rana, Dr. Mary Schweitzer, Dr. PZ Myers, Dr. Kevin Henke, Dr. Gary Loechelt, Landon Cut Noll and several dozen other well recognizable names.

Steve McRae has hosted 151 Episodes.